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Our Brutal Martini Experience

September 4, 2023

Have you ever tasted our Brutal Martinis at Hog Wild? If you haven’t then you’re missing out on life!

Why do we call it Brutal Martinis? BECAUSE IT MAKES YOU BRUTAL…but in the best possible way! We have Gin and Vodka martinis, as well as our popular Margaritas, made from 100% pure branded alcohol. WE DO NOT WATER ANYTHING DOWN. Our martinis are made fully with gin or vodka (depending on your choice) with a splash of ice which our mixologist shakes altogether. One or two glasses of it is enough to make you go WILD. If you want to have a crazy night out, our Brutal Martinis are the perfect choice!

“He knows just how I like my martini – full of alcohol.” – Alec Waugh


This is where the experience begins!

In serving the Brutal Martinis, our team will give you a performance of our (in)famous signature SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE DANCE before pouring it into your glass.

Why do we say that it’s (in)famous? Because one of our team members saw a couple of children joyfully singing and dancing to our signature “shake shake shake” dance in the streets. Not to mention that our guests keep coming back again and again just for this experience. Many times, they even join in the fun. How wild is that?

The best part of our Brutal Martinis is that we fill it all the way up to the rim of the glass. You’ll not be able to lift your glass because the martini will spill everywhere. In order to drink it, you need to hold hands with your friends, bend down to the glass, close your eyes and make a heartfelt wish, (like blowing out the candles on a cake). Then and only then, can you take a sip. Ahhhhh. Unforgettable! Who needs cake???


To get the utmost experience of our Brutal Martinis, it’s a “must” to drink it while indulging in our Wicked Ribs! Since the beginning, our catch phrase, “Wicked Ribs, Brutal Martinis”, have been the one true pairing in our menu. The meaty and smoky taste of the Wicked Ribs is best to chase with the strong taste of the Brutal Martinis. When you combine these two together, your mouth and body will feel indescribable pleasure and satisfaction. This combo will surely make your day the WILDEST day ever! We dare you to try.

Well, I bet you’re drooling and craving now for one glass of our Brutal Martini! Go ahead and click this link for more details about our menu.


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