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Ease Your Mind with Our (in) Famous BBQ Dishes/WILDEST Favorites!

September 9, 2021

In going through these hard times, It’s right for everyone including you lovelies to take a step back and ease your mind any way you’d like. We, at Hog Wild, have our own way in bringing up those moods, be wilder and happier!

Good food is the foundation for genuine happiness. – Auguste Escoffier

You’ve guessed it! Our way to stay fit and happy is to be stress-free by indulging in our wildly delicious dishes. Here we’ll tell you dishes that you can devour to boost your happiness.

Our Wild (in)famous BBQ dishes are recommended by our chefs. Our utmost favorite and signature dish, the Wicked Ribs is high on the list. A dazzling full rack of grilled pork ribs complemented with two of our signature sauces. The full rack is definitely fun to indulge in, especially when you are really enjoying it full on with your bare hands! Perfect for a fantastic dinner night with the family or a romantic dinner at home. You can choose to pair it with a variety of side dishes such as our porn corn, mashed potatoes, green salad or our finely baked garlic bread.

A variety of choices in your at-home BBQ dinner is a MUST! Choose our sashimi-quality Tuna grilled to perfection, crusty on the outside and tenderlicious inside. We also have our homemade gourmet sausage, who doesn’t love good grilled, fat sausages on the table? Smoky and juicy, the perfect addition to the plate of your BBQ meal! Last but not least is something BEEFY, we do have two choices: beef skewers or our black angus beef steak imported from Australia. Our BBQ menus are all curated to perfection for you lovelies! Our wild character resembles them and it is our specialty to create such uplifting taste in BBQ meals.

Hog Wild offers more than just BBQ dishes, our culture is to embrace who you are hence, we bring some of the authentic Indonesian dishes to you. The special Nasi Goreng by Pak Ketut is a plate of fried rice accompanied by lots of veggies, and krupuk. You can choose to add your choice of meat, pork or chicken. This is such a comfort food and is perfect for sharing! Another one is something more soupy and perfect for a cold Bali morning. Our Soto Ayam contains noodles, shredded chicken and vegetables such as cabbages and tomatoes. It is perfect to eat with hot steamy rice!

The choice of dishes is wide and wild here in Hog Wild, and we assure you it’s a festival of flavours! Due to the current situation, you can only order takeaways right from our restaurant but we are also available for order through Gojek/Grab. Ordering our dishes is definitely a very great way to clear your mind, after a long day of WFH or other activities you might have going on. Remember to take a minute and have time for yourself and your loved ones, as deliciously as you can.

“Food brings people together on many different levels. It’s nourishment of the soul and body; it’s truly love.”

– Giada De Laurentiis


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