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The WILD Journey of the Most Wicked Ribs in Bali

September 4, 2023

There’s a story behind every success and achievement. Have you ever wondered how we became the best place to eat ribs in Bali?

‘Every story starts with an idea, but it is the characters that move this idea forward.’ – Michael Scott

Travel back to 2010, this is when our team was formed and our ideas collided. Our journey began under another brand license but we ventured out to make our very own stamp towards independence in 2015. The journey to become the best place to eat ribs in Bali starts here. We’ll start by introducing the characters of our story, Chef Bruno Fortin and his wife, Eva Claudio.

Bruno is a French chef from Brittany, who gained his culinary experience in London, Geneva, Paris, Bermuda, and finally in Washington DC, where he opened up his own bistro specializing in French cuisine (of course!). After achieving success, Chef Bruno decided to bring his expertise to Bali with his wife and twins. The lure of experimenting with the then, unknown Asian cuisine excited him. The next character of our story is Eva Claudio, who created our pig pen and spun magic to the restaurant’s concepts and atmosphere with her lively and wild imagination.

Rebranded as Hog Wild in Bali, the transformation began. “Hog Wild”, aside from having hogs or pigs in the name, is an idiom for lacking in restraint, to be extremely eager and excited about something. By choosing this in our brand name, we aimed to place ourselves as being the most fun, wild, and free eating establishment in Bali. The quirkiness of our restaurant fully encapsulates this. Pigs, pigs, pigs everywhere! From huge piggie “ogoh-ogoh” suspended from the ceiling to various painting masterpieces like “Mona Piggie” hanging on the walls, and piggie sculptures dressed in traditional Balinese ceremonial gear to welcome you in, one could only chuckle and be instantly amused and lighthearted as they enter our “pig pen”.

This name also represents our wild variety of non-pork dishes to appeal to those who don’t eat pork. We have healthy salads like Rujak with seasonal fruits, dishes such as Bang Bang Wings, and wholesome Indonesian comfort food such as Mie and Nasi Goreng. For more sophisticated palates, we have Oxtail Soup, Black Angus Steak from Australia, Grilled Tuna Steak, and Chef Bruno’s spin on a famous French dish, Duck Confit, our Bebek Goreng. Our aim is to cater to ALL taste buds!

But the star of the show is the pork ribs, with our very own twist. They are not called “wicked ribs” for nothing. The “tenderlicious”, fall-off-the-bone meat made with our secret ingredients comes with a choice of honey-ginger sauce or the BBQ sweet, tangy sauce. Don’t want pork? We also offer beef ribs just as delectable as pork ribs to make choosing even harder!
After one year, we “revamped” to Hog Wild with Chef Bruno (HWCB) to better represent our brand identity. The “shake, shake, shake” dance was born, a hilarious dancing ritual when serving martinis to our guests. These “brutal martinis”, shaken (to wildness) and not stirred, have never been served quite like this before. You may also see writings on the wall of the restaurant saying “let go, be free, share the love, celebrate today.” This is the spirit that we live by, our credo to make your experience with us as memorable as our inspired food.

We believe that a good customer experience has to come in a package. Great food is only one of the elements, but coupled with good ambiance completes it.

This is our story. This is what we are.

“No story lives unless someone wants to listen” – J.K Rowling


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