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Hog Wild Heart: The 8 Commandments!

September 30, 2021

8 commandments hog wild

One of our biggest purposes is to serve our Sweeties with dishes that make them drool, other than that we also want to spread goodness and motivate our Sweeties, staff and community through our 8 commandments! They are:

  1. Let Go
  2. Be You and Be Free
  3. Dare to Indulge
  4. Get Loud
  5. Rise Above
  6. Have Balls
  7. Share The Love
  8. Celebrate Today

We can say that these 8 commandments are our Bible, our core values! This is what we believe in and this is what we stand for.

We asked four of our staff how they implemented our credo in their daily lives and how it has affected them as a person. Each of them has a very unique and interesting answer!:

Chandra (Floor Captain)

Chandra floor captain

Chandra has been working in Hog Wild for almost 10 years! “Working with Hog Wild taught me so many precious lessons, some things seemed impossible to learn at first, but because of the solidarity of the team and our mentor that never gives up on us, everything becomes possible” Chandra claimed that our credo gives him the confidence to be himself while being a professional when handling customers. It helped him build relationships with the customers “I learned that in handling customers we cannot have any feeling of coercion, we have to handle them from the bottom of our heart, just like when we share love to our family members, When i do this it feels like the customers are my family, and i think they might have the same feeling.”

Chandra learned to have balls as well! In his opinion, bravery is the key in handling customers. He believed that we should not have any doubt on our services when handling customers, because when we do, everything becomes a mess!

Intan (Cook)

Intan cook

As for Intan, she uses her 2 years of cooking experience in Hog Wild to share love for her family at home “I live by our credo ‘Share The Love’, I am able to do this for my family by cooking them amazingly good food that I have learned in Hog Wild. I cook for them for breakfast and any celebrations at home. Even my family from my hometown loves my cooking. I am grateful that I can make them happy with my cooking!”
Intan also said that our credo and the skills that she has learned in Hog Wild is giving her courage to sell food online for extra income and it has really helped her during these hard times. “I am taught to be confident here, so I am confident that I have excellent cooking skills and I am also confident that my small business is going to go well because my food is delicious”.

“‘Celebrate today’ is also one of my favorite credos because it taught us that everyday is a blessing to be able to cook and fill out our customers’ tummy with our delicious food!”

Wayan (Kitchen Captain)

Wayan kitchen captain

Just like Chandra, Wayan has more or less 10 years of experience working with us! For him, our credo is a guide in doing his job. “I am confident in doing my job, I am always ready to take consequences, I always feel like I have the right to give an opinion, this credo is teaching me to be the best version of myself at work”. It also reminded him that no matter how busy he gets, he needs to share love and celebrate every day’s blessings with his family.

“Plus, my experience in Hogwild is able to give me the chance to help my family, everytime there is a wedding, they always entrust me with the food catering”

Lestari (Waitress and Cashier)

Lestari waitrees

“ I always have the most fun working in Hog Wild, I am so happy on how they trust me in doing my job, this motivates me a lot!”

Just like her friends, our credo is making her brave to be the best version of herself at work. She said that it has lifted her spirits many times on a bad day at work. It reminded her that there is always a reason to be happy and to be grateful for. “This credo is enlightening my colleagues’ ways of seeing things, it has made everyone feel like a family here, and that’s the best feeling ever. This is also what keeps me motivated even on a bad day”.

“Just like what the credo said ‘LET GO’, during these challenging times I just let go and try to do my best to survive, I entrust everything to God and I believe that these challenging times will pass soon.”

They are the reason that we keep on doing what we have done from the beginning! At first, we did not know that our 8 commandments are changing our staff’s lives. Now that we know how much it matters to them and how it has helped them get through hard times, we will keep on nurturing them and our new employees with these credos! Don’t forget to visit our restaurant to feel the best experience which is indulging in drooling dishes while getting positive vibes at the same time!


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