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Behind Hog Wild Infamous Artworks

September 4, 2023

Hog Wild is not just a name, it’s a personality! We are famous for our amazingly delicious dishes such as our signature Wicked Ribs, but what makes us go hog wild is not just the food, it’s also the amazing vibe we project. As soon as you enter our restaurant, you will not help but be delighted to see PIGS PIGS PIGS everywhere…represented through paintings, sculptures, ogoh-ogohs, kids’ art to hundreds of decorative piggies collected from Bali and other parts of the world. Each of these carefully curated artworks is a very unique part of our identity.

The piece that best reflects our personality is our logo and mascot, Ms. Hog Wild herself. Ms. Hog Wild is SASSY, SEXY, EXTRAVAGANT, and FUN. This is how we want our sweeties to feel while indulging in our dishes and drinks. The other one is her bosom companion, Piggie Lisa, a take on Michelangelo’s Mona Lisa, painted by I Nyoman Winaya. Ms. Hog Wild and Piggie Lisa, although polar opposites of each other, have a special bond making them best friends for life!

All of our original artworks have been imagined and brought to life by Hog Wild’s wacky co-owner Eva Claudio.

“I’ve had the most fun thinking of crazy artworks to make our guests chuckle and feel tickled and delighted upon first seeing them. I want newcomers entering our restaurant and seeing the artwork everywhere to have an unforgettable experience, first visually and then gastronomically. I also want our old-timers to feel like they’re coming home and to see their very special friends again. Our interpretation of classically themed world famous paintings best capture the bizarre silliness of them all. Who would ever think that the Mona Lisa could actually be Ms. Hog Wild in disguise???” said Ms. Claudio.

For Ms. Claudio, it was such a fun ride trying to find the right artist to create these unique art pieces and it was a challenge interviewing artists to find the same crazy mindset as her. Luckily at the end, she found them. These artworks are not only iconic, but they are very instagrammable as well!

Classically inspired canvases by I Nyoman Winaya aka Koming:

  1. Piggie Lisa (Leonardo da Vinci)
Piggie Lisa
  1. Creation of Piggie (Michelangelo)
creation of piggie
  1. Dora Piggy (Pablo Picasso)
Dora piggie
  1. American Gothic Piggies (Grant Wood)
American Gothic Piggies (Grant Wood)

Other artworks by Koming are:

  1. Not Wild Enough Piggie in Jail
Not Wild Enough Piggie in Jail

2. Waiting Room Mural

waiting room hog wild

Please contact Koming if you would like to commission him for your own masterpieces. 

Mobile: +628123993992; E-mail:; FB: nyoman winaya; IG: studio_cetok

Artwork by Arif Kepoo

Evolution of Piggie mural

Many of his paintings are no longer with us because they have already been sold. Yes, some of our paintings are for sale!

Artwork by Gede Sarantika

Life-sized piggie sculptures

A new corner in our restaurant holds a special place in our hearts, the Kiddie Piggie Wall. Our first artist to exhibit was talented Jan Patrick Anderson, from Ubud. His charming hero piggies were loved and admired by all. Presently, we have a combined exhibit from the children at Panti Asuhan Sekar Pengharapan. These kids from broken families, the less fortunate and orphans, have created artworks that reflect their positive attitude to live their daily lives with gratitude. We hope our other mini-sweeties will be inspired by this exhibit and to contact us to show off their own talent through this revolving art wall. To find out more about this orphanage, please visit their IG account @pasp_bali or call Ms. Metsi at +62 877 5333 6978.

Can Hog Wild with Chef Bruno be described as a feast for the eyes? Most certainly! Best of all though, it’s also a feast for the tummy and the soul. So literally and figuratively, we feel that we’ve accomplished what we had set out to do. After all, who doesn’t want to have it all!

Miguel MartinsAuthor

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