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Our Sous Chef’s Insights During Covid Times

September 9, 2021

There are not enough words to describe the struggles that have faced many Balinese workers. Bali is a tourist spot, and most rely on earnings from vacationers. It has been a hard journey from the start of 2020 until today, with the PPKM regulation being implemented. However, despite the financial distress faced by most of our HWCB team, we choose to remain positive and work our best to fight this virus and survive for our families at home.

“We have to keep our spirits up, pray for the best and be optimistic that this pandemic will pass”, our Sous Chef Ketut said.

His name is I Ketut Sandhiasa and we are proud that he has been with us since our beginning 11 years ago. During this time, he has worked his way up to sous chef through his commitment, dedication and willingness to rise above. Ketut is one of our family members who depicts our identity of being wildly enthusiastic and positive while surviving this pandemic. In his family of four, Chef Ketut provides for them solely while his wife is a stay-at-home mom who takes care of their high school and primary school kids while they are online schooling. Living on shared grounds, fortunately, there are two heads of the family that work hard for a living. Chef Ketut is a firm believer that these hard times are temporary and he is doing the best that he can in this grave situation.

As head of the family and a sous chef, Chef Ketut has extra added pressure due to the loss of customers at work. He is very aware that he needs to be focused more than ever and maintain his earnings to the best of his ability in order to satisfy the needs and wants of his family. Chef Ketut mentioned that his income is tight, but he is unable to find another job to aid his family’s needs. “I can still provide for my family even though I take it one day at a time to get money for our meals and I’m thankful that Hog Wild With Chef Bruno is still open,” he said, expressing his feelings towards the effect of strict government regulations such as PPKM.

He expressed his beyond gratefulness that Hog Wild is as strong as it ought to be, and just by tightening his seatbelt he could ride out this roller coaster of life. Chef Ketut feels honored to be a member of the Hog Wild family. Apart from being satisfied financially, he also appreciates how the HWCB family values his rights and obligations as an employee.

On that note, he wishes that everyone can accept the current situation, however hard it may be. He wishes for health, patience and spirit to fight this virus in hopes that the world will recover soon.

“Hard times make us stronger, with no obstacles tackled, we would not grow. Hopefully, with the passion and patience of our HWCB family, we can survive and grow further.” – Sous Chef I Ketut Sandhiasa.

Hog Wild is open for take-aways and is also available in Gojek/Grab. Have a taste of our wildly delicious dishes!


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